Why Bitter Bean?

Centuries ago, in Central America, the cacao fruit was eaten, but the bitter beans in the middle of the pods were discarded.   It took a long time to discover that a series of processes — fermenting, drying and roasting of the beans — would unlock the complex flavour profile of chocolate.

Chocolate is a remarkable food.  It is made from a bitter bean, yet its flavour is rich, versatile and complex.  It has one of the most complex flavours of any foods.  It melts in the mouth, and its surface can be glossy as glass.  Chemists have detected more than 600 different kinds of volatile molecules in chocolate.

Chocolate, the result of the bitter bean transformation, is a celebration of hard work, of perseverance and of ingenuity.  It is about potential. That is why our slogan is “from the bitter bean come the most wonderful things“. It is also why we help unleash the potential in people by working with community causes to raise awareness about the importance of healthy food, especially for those most in need.

Combining elements of food science with handpicked ingredients, we bring the ethos of the slow food and organic food movements together with artisan crafting of food products. And finally, balancing the desire for quality and lifestyle-friendly comfort foods, Bitter Bean is about rediscovering food through the every-day and the genuinely memorable.

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