Bitter Bean Organic Artisan Bread Mix 

With Bitter Bean bread mix you can easily make your own nourishing, organic bread.

Instructions and video

Bitter Bean Artisan Organic Bread Mix has:

  • finest ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible
  • all products using organic Australian flour
  • less refined, nutrient-rich flour
  • sugar free
  • soy free
  • no preservatives and no artificial additives
  • stone ground milling process retains germ bran and endosperm of the original whole grain and preserves all the nutrients


Stoneground Organic Wholemeal Spelt - this rich dark loaf has a rich nutty flavour and is an all rounder-bread, absolutely delicious on its own.  Spelt is ideal for wheat free diets although it contains gluten. Some people with digestive issues find it easier to eat.

Oregano & Rosemary - wheat based bread with a twist. With a relatively light texture, this bread is beautiful to soak in soup, have with melted cheese on top, or as an ideal accompaniment when sharing a cheese platter with friends.

Linseed, Black Chia & Quinoa - a great way to introduce nutritious-rich whole grains to your family. High in good fats and protein these popular grains are part of this irresistible wheat-based recipe.

Stoneground Wheat - a really old fashioned bread, this well-loved staple has a complex nutty taste.

Our bread mix range is available at Pasta Emilia and online shop.

Bitter Bean Chocolate - the Bitter Bean chocolate range is bound to delight. Only the best cocoa beans are sourced from around world to create the basis of exquisite hand crafted chocolates. Quality, purity and the character of the beans are preserved in order to bring out their true character. Surprising and unusual flavour combinations will delight all palates, from the connoisseur to the novice.

Bitter Bean Jams - plump fruit is delicately simmered to release the natural flavour of the fruit. Sugar, spice, love and careful measurement of each batch brings jam that even Nana would be envious of. With reduced sugar content, no artificial colours, flavourings or unnatural preservatives, this is the jam that makes the ordinary scone a high tea, that dry sponge a beautiful roly-poly or breakfast not just something to enjoy, but to truly savour.

Bitter Bean Fruit Caviar - a delicate combination of fine arts and fine dining, the Bitter Bean Fruit Caviar is a masterful, cheeky and oh so delightful dessert experience. Designed with the eye and the palate in mind, the Bitter Bean Fruit Caviar is a small treat of explosive proportions. Place her delicate frame in your mouth, and wait for the fruitful explosion of juices and flavours to light up your tongue and leave your mouth begging for more.



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