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“I love food – it’s about creativity and passion. But once you know more about the ‘how’ of cooking you can experiment in so many ways”

Behind Bitter Bean is innovative Product Development Consultant, Galit Segev; an award winning chocolatier, who is qualified as both a chef and a pastry chef. She also has a master’s degree in Biochemistry and Food Sciences and is a proud mother of three boys.

At the peak of her 10-year career in international pharmaceutical companies, heading up major clinical research projects, Galit embarked on a new journey, following her passion for food.

Blending this with her lifelong devotion to science, she set out to empower others to creatively express themselves, by seeing and experiencing simple cooking techniques that deliver amazing results, using innovative food education strategies.

Cooking is for everyone

Galit is fiercely keen to share her knowledge, including the science behind the chef’s rich array of ingredients and their changes and interactions during the cooking process. She encourages people to take their skills to the next level and thinking in new ways, while enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of food and cooking.

Rapidly gaining a reputation for delivering fun, interesting and knowledgeable food combined with science education programmes Galit found she could engage many different audiences, from the young to the aged, the time poor executive to the nervous “never learnt how to cook” participant.

Her wish to bring bread baking back into the home, giving the knowledge that anyone can make bread, led to her developing the unique Bitter Bean Artisan Bread Mix.

Better choices

Galit fervently believes that understanding food results in more excitement and better choices and has developed food and science education programmes delivered through the CSIRO, Ultimo Science Festival, The University of NSW, The University Of Sydney, The Australian Museum and The Royal Institution Of Australia.

Her mission is to make a difference to the lives of others and she felt very fortunate to be able to volunteer with organisations such as Vision Australia, exploring avenues to assist vision-impaired people overcome their challenges with cooking. She has also run healthy eating nutrition programmes for Mission Australia. She appreciates that maintaining an open heart and mind invariably leads to learning from others herself, satisfying an enduring thirst for furthering her own knowledge and experiences.

Among Galit’s achievements are bronze medals in the annual Callebaut chocolate competition, in 2009 and 2011. She has also won distinction awards and special prizes in every stage of her training, both as a scientist and a chef, including the prestigious NSW Training Award.

Galit is a huge believer in the value of diversity in all aspects of life but especially when it comes to food.

More information about Galit and her activities can be found at the website of Galit Food Innovation.

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